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Officers and Trustees of ASM International (2013–2014)

  • C. Ravindran, President

    Ryerson University

  • Sunniva Collins, Vice President

    Case Western Reserve University

  • Robert Fulton, Treasurer

    Hoeganaes Corporation

  • Gernant Maurer, Past President


  • Thomas Passek, Managing Director

    ASM International

  • Iver Anderson

    Ames Laboratory

  • Mitchell Dorfman

    Sulzer Metco

  • Jacqueline Earle

    Cranfield University

  • James Foley

    Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Jeffrey Hawk

    U.S. Department of Energy

  • John Keough

    Applied Process Incorporated

  • William Lenling

    Thermal Spray Technologies Inc

  • Zi-kui Liu

    Penn State University

  • Linda Schadler

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Jessica Booth

    Case Western Reserve University

  • Karly Chester

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Raymond Hickey

    Lehigh University

Members of the ASM Handbook Committee (2013–2014)

  • Joseph Newkirk, Chair

    Missouri University of Science & Technology

  • George Vander Voort, Vice Chair

    Vander Voort Consulting L.L.C.

  • Craig Clauser, Immediate Past Chair

    Craig Clauser Engineering Consulting

  • David Alman

    National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • Scott Beckwith


  • Rodney Boyer

    RBTi Consulting

  • Narendra Dahotre

    University of North Texas

  • Jon Dossett


  • Alan Druschitz

    Virginia Tech

  • Jeffrey Hawk

    U.S. Department of Energy

  • Steven Heifner

    Sypris Technologies Incorporated

  • Paul Jablonski

    U.S. Department of Energy

  • Kent Johnson

    Applied Materials

  • John Keough

    Applied Process Incorporated

  • Li Ling

    Shanghai University

  • Brett Miller

    IMR Metallurgical Services

  • Erik Mueller

    National Transportation Safety Board

  • Thomas Prucha

    American Foundry Society

  • Prasan Samal


  • Roch Shipley

    Professional Analysis Consulting Inc

  • Manas Shirgaokar

    Ellwood National Crankshaft

  • Jeffery Smith

    Material Processing Technology Llc

  • Jaimie Tiley

    US Air Force Research Lab

  • George Totten

    G.E. Totten & Associates LLC

  • Michael West

    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

  • Charles White

    Kettering University

Chairs of the ASM Handbook Committee

  • J.F. Harper

    (1923–1926) (Member 1923–1926)

  • W.J. Merten

    (1927–1930) (Member 1923–1933)

  • L.B. Case

    (1931–1933) (Member 1927–1933)

  • C.H. Herty, Jr.

    (1934–1936) (Member 1930–1936)

  • J.P. Gill

    (1937) (Member 1934–1937)

  • R.L. Dowdell

    (1938–1939) (Member 1935–1939)

  • G.V. Luerssen

    (1943–1947) (Member 1942–1947)

  • J.B. Johnson

    (1948–1951) (Member 1944–1951)

  • E.O. Dixon

    (1952–1954) (Member 1947–1955)

  • N.E. Promisel

    (1955–1961) (Member 1954–1963)

  • R.W.E. Leiter

    (1962–1963) (Member 1955–1958, 1960–1964)

  • D.J. Wright

    (1964–1965) (Member 1959–1967)

  • J.D. Graham

    (1966–1968) (Member 1961–1970)

  • W.A. Stadtler

    (1969–1972) (Member 1962–1972)

  • G.J. Shubat

    (1973–1975) (Member 1966–1975)

  • R. Ward

    (1976–1978) (Member 1972–1978)

  • G.N. Maniar

    (1979–1980) (Member 1974–1980)

  • M.G.H. Wells

    (1981) (Member 1976–1981)

  • J.L. McCall

    (1982) (Member 1977–1982)

  • L.J. Korb

    (1983) (Member 1978–1983)

  • T.D. Cooper

    (1984–1986) (Member 1981–1986)

  • D.D. Huffman

    (1986–1990) (Member 1982–2005)

  • D.L. Olson

    (1990–1992) (Member 1982–1988, 1989–1992)

  • R.J. Austin

    (1992–1994) (Member 1984–1985)

  • W.L. Mankins

    (1994–1997) (Member 1989–)

  • M.M. Gauthier

    (1997–1998) (Member 1990–2000)

  • C.V. Darragh

    (1999–2002) (Member 1989–)

  • Henry E. Fairman

    (2002–2004) (Member 1993–2005)

  • Jeffrey A. Hawk

    (2004–2006) (Member 1997–)

  • Larry D. Hanke

    (2006–2008) (Member 1994–)

  • Kent L. Johnson

    (2008–2010) (Member 1999–)

  • Craig D. Clauser

    (2010–2012)( Member 2005–)

  • Joseph W. Newkirk

    (2012–) (Member 2005–)

List of Contributors

  • Ronald R. Akers, Ajax

    Tocco Magnethermic

  • Egbert Baake, Leibniz

    Universität of Hannover,


  • Jerzy Barglik, Silesian

    University of Technology,


  • Andrew Bernhard,

    Radyne Corporation

  • Fabio Biasutti, Eldec

    Schwenk Induction,


  • Micah Black, Tucker

    Induction Systems

  • Doug Brown,

    Inductoheat, Inc.

  • Sean Buechner, Alpha 1

    Induction Service Center

  • Kester D. Clarke, Los Alamos

    National Laboratory

  • Ray Cook,

    Inductoheat, Inc. (retired)

  • Girish Dahake, Ambrell

  • Craig Darragh, AgFox


  • Paolo Di Barba,

    University of Pavia, Italy

  • Peter Dickson,

    Inductoheat, Inc.

  • Dagmara Dołęga,

    Silesian University of

    Technology, Poland

  • Erwin Dötsch,

    ABP Induction Systems,


  • Gary Doyon,

    Inductoheat, Inc.

  • B. Lynn Ferguson,

    Deformation Control

    Technology, Inc

  • Gregory A. Fett,

    Dana Corporation

  • Michele Forzan,

    University of Padua, Italy

  • Vladimir Frankfurt,

    Illinois Institute of Technology

  • David U. Furrer,

    Pratt & Whitney

  • Gary Gariglio,

    Interpower Induction

  • Robert Goldstein,

    Fluxtrol, Inc

  • Antonio Gorni,

    Usiminas, Brazil

  • Arthur Griebel,

    Element Wixom

  • Janez Grum,

    University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Sergey Gurevich,

    High Frequency Current

    Research Institute, Russia

  • Richard Haimbaugh,


  • Dave Hamilton,

    Interpower Induction Corp.

  • Daniel W. Hawtof,

    Corning Incorporated

  • Steven Heifner,

    Sypris Technologies

  • Manfred Hopf,

    Saveway, Germany

  • Andris Jakovics,

    The University of Latvia

  • Tim Kennamer,

    Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corp.

  • Loris Koenig,

    SFinduction, France

  • Christian Krause,

    Eldec Schwenk Induction,


  • Vern Lappe,

    Ircon/Raytek Corporation

  • Scott Larrabee,

    Radyne Corporation

  • Sergio Lupi,

    University of Padua, Italy

  • Zhichao Li,

    Deformation Control Technology, Inc

  • Brian P. Lockitski,

    Inductoheat, Inc.

  • John Maher,

    Inductoheat, Inc.

  • David K. Matlock,

    Colorado School of Mines

  • David J. McEnroe,

    Corning Incorporated

  • Marv McKimpson,

    Caterpillar, Inc.

  • W. Adam Morrison,

    Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corp.

  • Justin Mortimer,

    Radyne Corporation

  • Bernard Nacke,

    Leibniz Universität of Hannover, Germany

  • Sergejs Pavlovs,

    The University of Latvia

  • Yulia Pleshivtseva,

    Samara State Technical University, Russia

  • Dale Poteet,

    Engineering Consultant (Innovative

    Metallurgical Technology)

  • Narayan Prabhu,

    National Institute of Technology, India

  • Edgar Rapoport,

    Samara State Technical

    University, Russia

  • Carlos Rodriguez,

    Radyne Corporation

  • Valery Rudnev,

    Inductoheat, Inc

  • Mike Rugg,

    Interpower Induction

  • Carola Sekreter,

    Forging Industry Association (FIA)

  • S. Lee Semiatin,

    Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Mark Sirrine,

    Flame Treating Systems, Inc.

  • Rick Smith,

    Fluxtrol, Inc

  • Fred R. Specht,

    Ajax Tocco Magnethermic

  • Joe Stambaugh,

    Ajax Tocco Magnethermic

  • John Storm,

    Contour Hardening Inc.

  • Gene Stout,

    Fusion Inc.

  • William Stuehr,

    Induction Tooling

  • Alexey Sverdlin,

    Bradley University

  • John Tartaglia,

    Element Wixom

  • Bill Terlop,

    Jackson Transformer

  • Chester J. Van Tyne,

    Colorado School of Mines

  • J. Walters,

    Scientific Forming Technologies

  • Gregg Warner,

    Radyne Corporation

  • Tim Williams,

    Radyne Corporation

  • Stanley Zinn,

    Induction Consultants Inc.


ASM International staff who contributed to the development of the Volume included Steve Lampman, Content Developer; Vicki Burt, Content Developer; Amy Nolan, Content Developer; Susan Sellers, Editorial Assistant; Madrid Tramble, Manager, eDocument Production; Kate Fornadel, Senior Production Coordinator; Patty Conti, Production Coordinator; Diane Whitelaw, Production Coordinator; Karen Marken, Senior Managing Editor; and Scott D. Henry, Senior Manager, Content Development. Editorial assistance was provided by Ed Kubel, Elizabeth Marquard, Jo Hannah Leyda, and Buz Riley.

2014. "Credits", Induction Heating and Heat Treatment, Valery Rudnev, George E. Totten

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