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With the development of new multilevel packages, sophisticated application circuits, and ever-shrinking integrated circuit feature sizes, identifying the root cause of a failure is becoming more challenging. Failure analysis support is needed through the product life cycle, from technology development, design debug, fabrication, packaging, and reliability qualification, to production failures and customer returns. Identifying root cause requires knowledge of advanced failure analysis tools and newly developed techniques as well as strategic planning to determine which method to use and when. To continue to succeed, an analyst’s skills and knowledge must continue to grow as the defects and features we investigate relentlessly shrink.

The Seventh Edition of the Microelectronics Failure Analysis Desk Reference can help engineers improve their ability to verify, isolate, uncover, and identify the root cause of failures. Written by a team of experts, this updated handbook offers the latest information on advanced failure analysis tools and techniques, buttressed with numerous real-life examples. Relevant and widely used articles on classic techniques have also been updated to include recent developments.

I would like to thank all authors for their contributions; they were driven by their love of our field as I cannot begin to compensate them for their efforts. A round of applause is due to our reviewers for helping to ensure that the articles are accurate, useful, and well deserving of a place in this important reference. Heartfelt thanks is also extended to the editors for their invaluable input and relentless support of the authors and reviewers. And finally, special appreciation is owed to Dr. Lee Knauss, President of ASM’s Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society (EDFAS), for leading and developing the initial outline of topics to be included in this edition. Thanks also to ASM’s staff, especially Karen Marken, Sue Sellers, and Madrid Tramble, for their backing, advice, and efforts on meeting the publishing schedule.

Tejinder Gandhi

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