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This book covers processes and practices of heat treating and is a companion book to Practical Heat Treating: Basic Principles (ASM International, 2020). After teaching several heat treating courses for ASM using the Practical Heat Treating, 2nd edition, which I revised and authored in 2006, I realized it needed more technical detail. Practical Heat Treating: Basic Principles and this book address the addition of comprehensive technical detail.

Since graduating from Purdue University in 1965, I have been involved and responsible for various heat treating processes and materials including steels, nonferrous materials and cast irons.

I am grateful to ASM for the opportunities to contribute to the technical base through participation as an organizer of heat treating conferences and serve as an author, editor, co-editor of ASM Handbook volumes on heat treating, journals, education course work, and technical papers.

I am also grateful for the many outstanding ASM staff and ASM members I met and worked with during my ASM membership over the past 55 plus years.

I also acknowledge the help provided by Karen Marken in the preparation of this volume for publication.

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