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Corrosion problems associated with aluminum and its alloys are as varied as the products made from them. For example, stress-corrosion cracking or corrosion fatigue of critical aircraft components, such as aluminum alloy landing gear parts, can lead to catastrophic failure. In the packaging industry, only minute amounts of pitting corrosion can be tolerated in aluminum beverage cans because of the long periods of exposure, the effect of corrosion on the beverage packaged, and the thinness of the container. In addition, even water staining corrosion can render the can stock sheet worthless.

Methods of preventing corrosion in these industries are equally diverse. The essential elements of an aircraft corrosion prevention and control program are proper material selection, an adequate finish specification, and a thorough plan for effective maintenance, monitoring, inspection, and repair. For protection of beverage cans, corrosion control may be as simple as applying lacquer to prevent pitting, or proper storage and shipment procedures to minimize water staining.

This book was designed for use by practicing engineers, as well as maintenance and operating personnel, who are concerned with the problem of corrosion of aluminum in their day-today job functions. It is not intended for those who are looking for advanced electrochemical theories and techniques. Instead, emphasis was placed on the forms of corrosion that affect aluminum, test methods for determining susceptibility to the various types of corrosion, and steps that can be taken to prevent corrosion.

I wish to acknowledge the following individuals who assisted me in the preparation of this work: John R. Weir, Valspar Corporation; Robert G. Kelly, University of Virginia; Bernard W. Lifka, Alcoa Technical Center; James J. Thompson, Naval Air Warfare Center; James P. Moran, Westinghouse Electric Corporation; Jack Snodgrass, Reynolds Metals Company; and Dale Moore, Naval Air Systems Command. I also wish to express my thanks to Scott Henry of the ASM editorial staff and Eleanor Baldwin and her coworkers from the ASM Library for their support during the project.

Joseph R. Davis
Davis & Associates
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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