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ASM International is pleased to publish a new edition of Metallography and Microstructures, Volume 9 of the ASM Handbook series. Metallography is a longstanding core interest of ASM International members, and this new Volume 9 reflects the continuing importance of metallography in metallurgical analyses for production quality control, research, engineering, and educational training. Since the 1985 edition of Volume 9, substantial changes have occurred in automation, equipment, preparation methodology, alloys, manufacturing technologies, and digital imaging. The new Volume 9 addresses these and other developments, as described in the Preface.

We commend the Volume Editor, George Vander Voort, for his vision and direction in revising Metallography and Microstructures. His familiarity with past and present volumes of the Handbook series has been instrumental in this project. His worldwide acquaintances with members of the metallographic community also have made this Volume an international effort with important contributions from authors around the world. Moreover, many thanks are extended to the devoted volunteers and ASM members, who have contributed their time and expertise as authors and reviewers. This Volume would not have been possible without their commitment. The sharing of their knowledge and experience is the basis for ASM International as their professional society.

Robert C. Tucker, Jr.
ASM International
Stanley C. Theobald
Managing Director
ASM International

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