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In this revision of ASM Handbook® Volume 15 on casting, ASM International is indebted to the volunteer efforts of the Volume 15 Editorial Committee and over 150 participants who helped as authors or reviewers. Their professional commitment and efforts represent a continuing devotion to the practice of metalcasting and the publication of peer consensus information on it.

Special thanks are extended to Srinath Viswanathan, University of Alabama, for recruiting an outstanding Editorial Committee with Diran Apelian, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Babu DasGupta, National Science Foundation, Raymond J. Donahue, Mercury Marine; Michael Gywn, ATI Inc.; John L. Jorstad, J.L.J. Technologies, Inc.; Raymond W. Monroe, Steel Founders' Society of America; Thomas E. Prucha, American Foundry Society; Kumar Sadayappan and Mahi Sahoo, CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory; Edward S. Szekeres, Casting Consultants Incorporated; and Daniel Twarog, North American Die Casting Association. We thank them and the other contributors for this publication.

Dianne Chong
ASM International
Stanley C. Theobald
Managing Director
ASM International

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