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This book was written to provide a solid foundation for mechanical testing. It provides the basics of mechanical properties for both metals and mechanical testing techniques. Information on the use of various pieces of testing equipment and their usefulness is included. The goal was to create a text that helps new materials engineers learn about mechanical properties and testing and to provide more detail than is typically provided in most introductory materials texts. It is hoped that this book will bridge the gap between introductory text and more advanced text such as Tensile Testing, Second Edition, J.R. Davis, Ed., ASM International, 2004.

Engineering is a field that requires solving problems in order to develop an understanding of specific topics. The problems included at the end of the text cover a variety of materials and problems that a materials engineer will encounter. Some problems are more in depth than those typically found in an introductory text in order to provide those already familiar with the topic with a new understanding.

Dr. Robert Tuttle
Saginaw Valley State University

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