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The 14-cm diam main hoist shaft of a mobile shovel was found to have multiple crack indications when ultrasonically inspected in the field. A crack around the entire circumference at the change in section was revealed by magnetic-particle inspection of the shaft. The crack was found to coincide with the junction of the fillet and the smaller diam at this change in section. A slight step in the continuity of the fillet and some machining marks were noted at this junction. A fine crack extending 2.5 mm from the surface and originating at the machining marks was revealed by microscopic examination. The shaft was identified by chemical analysis to be 1040 steel (hardness 170 HRB) which was concluded to have insufficient fatigue strength. The step at the base of the fillet was revealed as the point of initiation of the fatigue crack. Shaft material was changed to 4140 steel oil-quenched and tempered to a hardness of 302 to 352 HRB and all machining discontinuities were removed.

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