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One percent Cr-Mo low alloy constructional steel is widely used for high tensile applications, e.g., for manufacture of high tensile fasteners, heat treated shafts and axles, for automobile applications such as track pins for high duty tracked vehicles etc. The steel is fairly through hardening and heat treatment does not present any serious difficulty. Care is still required in processing to avoid decarburization. In an application of track pins for tracked vehicles, bars about 22 mm diam were required in heat treated and centerless-ground condition prior to induction hardening of the surface. Indifferent results were obtained in induction hardening; cracks were noticed, and patchy hardness figures were obtained on the final product in several batches. Metallographic examination of transverse sections through the defective areas showed decarburization to varying degrees, i.e., from partial to total decarburization. Observations suggested the defects originated at the stages of ingot making and rolling. This was apparently the reason for complete decarburization of the area with original surface defect which opened up further in the oxidizing atmosphere of the furnace with low melting clinkers from scale and furnace lining filling up the crevice of the original defect.

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