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A steel socket pipe conduit NW 150 cracked open during pressure testing next to the weld seam almost along the entire circumference. The crack occurred in part in the penetration notch and in part immediately adjacent to it. While the uncracked pipe showed the light etch shading of a low-carbon steel in which the zone heated during welding was delineated only slightly next to the seam, the other pipe was etched much darker, i.e., higher in carbon, and the heated zone appeared to stand out darkly against the basic material. The overlapping weld was defect-free and dense. The uncracked pipe consisted of soft steel that obviously was made for this purpose, while the cracked pipe consisted of a strongly-hardenable steel which contained not only more carbon and manganese than customary but also a considerable amount of chromium. Therefore, the damage was caused by a mix-up of materials that allowed an unsuitable steel to be used for the weldment.

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