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An automatic press for making burlap bags had been used for several years. The press failed after being shipped by truck for a distance of about 400 mi. The objective was to determine whether failure occurred during or before shipment. The large piece which broke off the press included a section of the ways and a heavy adjustable mechanism which normally rides on these ways. The weight of the broken section was estimated at several hundred pounds. There was no support for the broken piece beyond the point of breakage. The material was a commercial cast iron, and the largest proportion of the fracture area was fresh and bright. It was concluded that this was a fresh fracture which occurred during shipment, and the crack itself was not present prior to shipment. The fact that a material defect of some sort was present and probably determined the location of the crack was apparently not significant as far as its usage was concerned. The failure could have been avoided by providing support underneath the overhanging member.

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C. Howard Craft, Failure of a Press, ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Improper Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Conditions, ASM International, 2019,

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