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Two sections of a galvanized cable 10.5 A 160 GR +NORM M 9533 (round stranded cable of normal type, h + 6, Langslay, right-handed) were examined. One had a 100 mm long blackish-brown tarnished zone obviously caused by localized heating at one end, inside which the hemp core was missing, and the other corresponded to the original condition of the cable. The cause of the damage was unknown. About a third of the wires had fractured and the rest had been cut. All were tensile fractures with a relatively high degree of necking. The cause of the localized heating was unknown. It can only be concluded from the investigation that the temperature did not exceed the Ac3 point of the wire material, which should be about 750 deg C, and that the heating lasted a fairly long time.

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Elfriede Waldl, 2019. "Galvanized Cable Damaged by Localized Heating", ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Material Handling Equipment

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