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A special eyebolt was used to lift prefabricated concrete panels weighing approximately 16 cwt. Two eyebolts were used with a spreader bar to give a vertical lift on each eyebolt. Following failure of one eyebolt, which resulted in dropping of the load and subsequent failure of the other one, a complete eyebolt was submitted for assessment. Microscopic examination indicated a medium carbon-manganese steel had been used for the lower screwed portion of the eyebolt. Failure may have been due to brittle fracture or to fatigue, both of which could have been initiated at cracks in the hardened material in the region of the weld securing the screwed portion to the intermediate collar and which may have formed at the time of manufacture. Out-of-squareness of the thread with the collar, as was seen in the example submitted, gave rise to bending stresses when the bolt was tightened down, and this could have been a further factor which promoted failure. It was suggested that the design and construction could be improved by either making the component in one piece or, if it was desired, to adapt a standard eyebolt.

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