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On 16 July 1999, a Boeing 737-800 on final approach for landing sustained a major lightning strike. Damage to the fuselage structure primarily was in the form of melting or partial melting of widely-separated rivets and adjacent Alclad 2024-T3 fuselage skin. The damage was confined to a 0.25-in. (6.4-mm) radii around the affected rivets. The repair process involved removal of the locally-affected material and addition of a skin doubler to restore the aircraft structure to the originally designed condition. Damage features are described briefly.

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Luther M. Gammon, Michael V. Hyatt, G. Hari Narayanan, Henry J. Oberson, Harcayal B. Singh, Analysis of Aircraft Damage from a Lightning Strike, ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Air and Spacecraft, ASM International, 2019,

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