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The case and stiffener of an inner-combustion-chamber case assembly failed by completely fracturing circumferentially around the edge of a groove arc weld joining the case and stiffener to the flange. The assembly consisted of a cylindrical stiffener inserted into a cylindrical case that were both welded to a flange. The case, stiffener, flange, and weld deposit were all of nickel-base alloy 718. It was observed that a manual arc weld repair had been made along almost the entire circumference of the original weld. Investigation (visual inspection, 0.5x macrographs, and 10x etched with 2% chromic acid plus HCl views) supported the conclusions that failure was by fatigue from multiple origins caused by welding defects. Ultimate failure was by tensile overload of the sections partly separated by the fatigue cracks. Recommendations included correct fit-up of the case, stiffener, and flange and more skillful welding techniques to avoid undercutting and unfused interfaces.

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Fatigue Fracture of a Gas-Turbine Inner-Combustion-Chamber Case Assembly Because of Unfused Weld Metal and Undercuts, ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Power Generating Equipment, ASM International, 2019,

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