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A turbine vane made of cast cobalt-base alloy AMS 5382 (Stellite 31; composition: Co-25.5Cr-10.5Ni-7.5W) was returned from service after an undetermined number of service hours because of crack indications on the airfoil sections. This alloy is cast by the precision investment method. Analysis (visual inspection, 100x/500x metallographic examination of sections etched with a mixture of ferric chloride, hydrochloric acid, and methanol, and bend tests) supported the conclusions that cracking of the airfoil sections was caused by thermal fatigue and was contributed to by low ductility due to age hardening, subsurface oxidation related to intragranular carbides, and high residual tensile macrostresses. No further conclusions could be drawn because of the lack of detailed service history, and no recommendations were made.

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Failure of a Turbine Vane, ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Power Generating Equipment, ASM International, 2019,

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