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An intergranular stress-corrosion cracking failure of 304 stainless steel pipe in 2000 ppm B as H3BO3 + H2O at 100 deg C was investigated. Constant extension rate testing produced an intergranular type failure in material in air. Chemical analysis was performed on both the base metal and weld material, in addition to fractography, EPR testing and optical microscopy in discerning the mode of failure. Various effects of Cl-, O2 and MnS are discussed. Results indicated that the cause of failure was the severe sensitization coupled with probable contamination by S and possibly by Cl ions.

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Carl J. Czajkowski, Investigation of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking in the Fuel Pool at Three Mile Island Unit 1, ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Power Generating Equipment, ASM International, 2019,

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