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An 8640 steel shaft installed in a fuel-injection-pump governor that controlled the speed of a diesel engine used in trucks and tractors broke after few days of operation. The mechanism that drove the shaft was designed to include a slip clutch to protect the governor shaft from shock loading. It was revealed by visual examination that the fracture had initiated in the sharp corner at the bottom of a longitudinal hole which was part of a force feed lubricating system. Beach marks were observed on the fracture surfaces. It was revealed by further examination that the slip clutch was removed in an effort to reduce cost and hence the shaft was subjected to increased vibration and shock loading. Insufficient fatigue limit of the shaft was revealed by fatigue testing of the shafts taken from stock in a rotating-beam machine. As a corrective measure, the fatigue limit of shafts was increased to 760 MPA by nitriding for 10 h at 515 deg C.

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