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A coil made of a nickel-chromium alloy (Material No. 2.4869) with approx. 80Ni and 20Cr had burned through after a brief period of operation as a heating element in a brazing furnace. The protective atmosphere consisted of an incompletely combusted coal gas. Furnace temperature reached 1150 deg C. This type of selective oxidation at which the easily oxidized chromium burns, while the nickel is not attacked, is caused by mildly oxidizing gases and is sometimes designated as green rot. Under these conditions, chromium-containing steels and alloys whose oxidation resistance is based upon formation of tight oxide layers are not stable.

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Friedrich Karl Naumann, Ferdinand Spies, 2019. "Examination of an Oxidized Heating Coil", ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Steelmaking and Thermal Processing Equipment

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