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The wires used in a wet precipitator for cleaning the gases coming off a basic oxygen furnace failed. The system consisted of six precipitators, three separate dual units, each composed of four zones. Each zone contained rows of wires (cold drawn AISI 1008 carbon steel) suspended between parallel collector plates. It was determined that the 1008 wires failed because of corrosion fatigue. It was decided to replace all of the wires in the two zones with the highest rates of failure with cold-drawn type 304 austenitic stainless steel wire. These expensive wires, however, failed after a week by transgranular SCC. Annealed type 430 ferritic stainless steel was subsequently suggested to prevent further failures.

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2019. "Failure Analysis Leading to Improved Materials Selection for Precipitator Wires in a Basic Oxygen Furnace", ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Design Flaws

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