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The Rocky Point Viaduct, located near Port Orford, OR, was replaced after only 40 years of service. A beam from the original viaduct was studied in detail to determine the mechanisms contributing to severe corrosion damage to the structure. Results are presented from the delamination survey, potential and corrosion mapping, concrete chemistry, and concrete physical properties. The major cause of corrosion damage appears to have been the presence of both pre-existing and environmentally-delivered chlorides in the concrete.

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B.S. Covino, Jr., S.D. Cramer, G.R. Holcomb, S.J. Bullard, C.A. Summers, C.L. Dahlin, H.M. Laylor, G.E. McGill, Corrosion Failure of the Rocky Point Viaduct, ASM Failure Analysis Case Histories: Buildings, Bridges, and Infrastructure, ASM International, 2019,

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