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Corrosion in potable and nonpotable water systems has been well documented in the past, and new research discusses innovations in water treatment and materials that are designed to enhance the quality of a water system, whether commercial or residential. This paper is a collection of five case histories on the failure of copper and steels as used in potable and non-potable water systems. The case histories cover a range of applications in which copper and steel products have been used. Copper and steel pipes are the two most commonly used materials in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The projects that are discussed cover these three important applications. The purpose of presenting this information is to allow the reader to gain an understanding of real life corrosion issues that affect plumbing materials, how they should have been addressed during the design of the water system, and how a water system should be maintained during service. We share this information in the hope that the reader will gain some limited knowledge of the problems that exist, and apply that knowledge in designing or using water systems in day-to day life.

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