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A ceiling in a concrete structure was hung on flat bars with a cross section of 30 x 80 mm. The bars were borne by a slit steel plate and supported by tabs that were welded onto the flat sides. One of the bars fractured during mounting when it was dropped from a height of about 1 m onto the opposite support. The fracture was a grainy forced rupture that propagated from one of the fillet welds. Investigation showed a steel was selected for this important construction that was prone to aging and that in fact had aged through cold deformation during straightening and then was welded yet. The bar could withstand mounting and subsequent static loading as long as it was treated with care, as could be expected from the good deformation characteristics of the static tensile test. The question is, however, whether occasional impacts or shocks can be assuredly avoided. This risk could have been eliminated if a killed steel of quality groups 2 or 3 according to DIN 17 100 had been used.

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