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Following leakage which developed within the furnace of a horizontal multi-tubular type boiler, examination revealed a series of cracks adjacent to the stiffening rings in the first plain furnace ring. The fire-side surface of the sample was coated with a layer of oxide scale. Microscopical examination of sections through the cracks showed them to be filled with oxide and to be of the multi-branched type, having blunt terminations. The general nature of the cracks was characteristic of cracking from thermal or corrosion fatigue, as results from the operation of varying stresses in an oxidizing or corrosive environment. The cracking in this particular case was due principally to the inordinately large gap between the components. Additionally, several of the sealing welds of the tubes to the back tube plate were cracked in a radial manner, and it would appear that in addition, abnormal thermal conditions may well have been experienced intermittently in service.

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