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A hi-rail device is a vehicle designed to travel both on roads and on rails. In this case, a truck was modified to accept the wheels for rail locomotion. The rear wheel/axle set was attached to the truck frame. Both the front and rear wheel/axle sets were raised by means of a hydraulic cylinder driven off the PTO of the truck. The wheel/axle set was rigidly fixed into an up or down position by the use of locking pins. It was assumed by the manufacturer that there would be no load on the cylinder once the wheel/axle set was in its locked position. However, as the cylinder pivoted about its mounting trunnion and extended during its motion, it interfered with a frame member. This caused both a bending load and a rotational movement. These effects caused a combination of fretting, galling, and fatigue to the internal thread structure of the clevis. As a result of these deleterious effects, failure of the thread structure of the clevis occurred. The failure occurred where the cylinder rod screws into the clevis. The rod was manufactured from 1045 steel.

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