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  • Khlefa A. Esaklul


  • Herman C. Burghard

  • George E. Kerns

  • William R. Warke

Reviewers and Contributors

  • A.M. Abdel-Latif

    Department of National Defence (Canada)

  • Lynn E. Arnold

    Arnold Metallurgical

  • James H. Arthur, Jr.

    Newport News Shipbuilding

  • Clifford Atkinson

    Consultant (U.K.)

  • W.T. Becker

    The University of Tennessee

  • Valerie J. Berry

    Rolls-Royce, Inc.

  • Edward V. Bravenec

    Anderson & Associates/ISI

  • John E. Brynildson

    T. Crane and Associates

  • S.R. Callaway (retired)

    General Motors Electromotive Division

  • Joseph M. Capus


  • Rafael Castillo

    Westinghouse Canada, Inc.

  • Nicholas E. Cherolis

    General Electric Aircraft Engines

  • J. Ciulik

    Radian Corporation

  • J.A. Clum

    State University of New York at Binghamton

  • Richard L. Colwell

    Air Products and Chemicals

  • E. Philip Dahlberg

    Metallurgical Consultants, Inc.

  • Prabir Deb

    Radian Corporation

  • Peter F. Ellis II

    Radian Corporation

  • Mel J. Esmacher

    Betz Laboratories, Inc.

  • James E. Feather

    Exxon Research and Engineering Company

  • Ross F. Firestone

    Ross Firestone Company

  • Gregory S. Gerzen

    Amoco Research Center

  • Leslie N. Gilbertson

    Zimmer, Inc.

  • George M. Goodrich

    Taussig Associates, Inc.

  • Ronald W. Gruener

    Dresser Industrial Valve

  • Kimberly O. Harding

    Failure Analysis Associates

  • Jerome C. Hill

    Coors Brewing Company

  • Mark Hineman

    Taussig Associates, Inc.

  • Roland Huet

    Failure Analysis Associates, Inc.

  • Joseph C. Jasper

    Armco Research, Inc.

  • Kumar V. Jata

    University of Dayton Research Institute

  • J.M. Johnson

    Amoco Corporation

  • Mitchell P. Kaplan

    Willis & Kaplan, Inc.

  • George Y. Lai

    Haynes International, Inc.

  • Bernard S. Lement

    Lement & Associates

  • Hugo F. Lopez

    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Andy Madeyski

    Westinghouse Electric Corporation

  • Michael L. Marx

    National Transportation Safety Board

  • Dennis McGarry

    Owens/Corning Fiberglas

  • Daniel J. Olah

    Borg Warner Automotive, Inc.

  • Michael P. Oliver

    University of Dayton Research Institute, USAF

  • Henry Otto

    Failure Analysis Associates

  • N.S. Palanisamy

    Walbar Metals, Inc.

  • Subhash R. Pati

    International Paper Company

  • Padmanabha S. Pillai

    Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

  • Robert M. Rose

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Stuart T. Ross

    S.T. Ross & Associates

  • Ravi Rungta

    General Motors Corporation

  • Larry W. Sarver

    Babcock & Wilcox

  • M. J. Schofield

    Cortest Laboratories, Ltd.

  • David E. Schwab

    Allied-Signal, Inc.

  • Harry Schwartzbart


  • Roch J. Shipley

    Engineering Systems, Inc.

  • A. Kent Shoemaker

    Engineering Systems, Inc.

  • George A. Slenski

    U.S. Air Force

  • Chris Suman


  • G. Mark Tanner

    Radian Corporation

  • Michael A. Urzendowski

    DNV Industrial Services

  • Stuart L. Wilson

    Houston Lighting & Power

  • Daniel A. Wojnowski

    Engineering Systems, Inc.

  • Donald J. Wulpi

    Metallurgical Consultant


ASM International staff who contributed to the development of the volume included Mary Thomas Haddad, Acquisitions Editor; Grace M. Davidson, Manager, Production Systems; Suzanne E. Frueh, Production Project Manager; Ann-Marie O’Loughlin, Production/Design; Nancy M. Sobie, Production/Design; and William W. Scott, Jr., Director, Technical Publications.

Credits, Handbook of Case Histories in Failure Analysis, Vol 2, Edited By Khlefa A. Esaklul, ASM International, 1993

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