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An oxygen line that was part of a mobile, truck -mounted oxygen-acetylene welding unit exploded in service. Analysis revealed that the failure occurred at the flexible hose-to-valve connection. It was further determined that a steel adapter had been installed at the point of failure to make the connection. Use of the adapter which joined with a brass nipple, created an unacceptable dissimilar metal joint. The steel also provided a source for the generation of sparks. Loctite, a hydrocarbon sealant that is highly flammable and explosive in contact with pure oxygen, had been used to seal the threaded joint. It was recommended that only brass fittings be used to assemble removable joints and that use of washers, sealants, and hydrocarbon lubricants be strictly avoided.

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David O. Leeser, Explosion of an Oxygen Line, Handbook of Case Histories in Failure Analysis, Vol 2, Edited By Khlefa A. Esaklul, ASM International, 1993, p 523–524,

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