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Galvanized A36 steel unsleeved shear-type anchor bolts failed during installation. The galvanized steel bolts were approximately 18 mm (0.7 in.) in diameter with a 90 deg bend between the long and short legs. As-fractured, sawcut, and unfractured specimens were examined. Failure analysis revealed dark thumbnail regions at the fracture origins and a very narrow and uniform shear lip. The thumbnail region exhibited zinc deposits with no apparent fracture detail, indicating preexisting cracks that had occurred before galvanizing. The balance of the fracture exhibited a transgranular mode with cleavage and ductile, dimpled shear. Hardness values as high as 35 HRC were measured in the bend area. The as-galvanized bolts fractured in a brittle manner. Failure was attributed to improper bending of the bolts, which provided a severely cold-worked bend area susceptible to strain-age embrittlement.

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