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Thermomechanical fatigue (TMF) refers to the process of fatigue damage under simultaneous changes in temperature and mechanical strain. This article reviews the process of TMF with a practical example of life assessment. It describes TMF damages caused due to two possible types of loading: in-phase and out-of-phase cycling. The article illustrates the ways in which damage can interact at high and low temperatures and the development of microstructurally based models in parametric form. It presents a case study of the prediction of residual life in a turbine casing of a ship through stress analysis and fracture mechanics analyses of the casing.

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Stephen D. Antolovich, Ashok Saxena, 2002. "Thermomechanical Fatigue: Mechanisms and Practical Life Analysis", Failure Analysis and Prevention, William T. Becker, Roch J. Shipley

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