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About ASM Desk Editions Online

Access to the full content of the ASM Desk Editions Online™ is provided as a benefit for all ASM International members. ASM is the preeminent association for engaging and connecting materials professionals and their organizations to the resources necessary to solve problems, improve outcomes, and advance society. To learn more about the benefits of ASM membership, visit What Can ASM Do for You?

The two volumes, the Metals Handbook Desk Edition, 2nd Edition, and the Engineered Materials Handbook Desk Edition, are compiled principally from the peer-reviewed ASM Handbook and Engineered Materials Handbook series, containing selected portions and summaries along with unique content in areas such as recycling and reuse and environmental concerns.

The ASM Digital Library platform offers several new features for ASM Desk Editions users. To learn more, view the Quick Start Video. Or, to get started, select “Browse” in the navigation menu to view and link to the current volumes in the series.

Looking for the previous version? For a limited time, the older ASM Desk Editions Online interface is still available. Go to the previous version.

The ASM Desk Editions volumes serve as a reliable and succinct source of authoritative information and data on the properties, selection, processing, testing, and application of engineering materials, including metals, plastics, elastomers, polymer and metal-matrix composites, ceramics, glasses, adhesives, and sealants. More in-depth coverage of all of these topics is provided in ASM Handbooks Online.

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