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About ASM Books

With several hundred titles in print, ASM International is one of the world’s leading publishers of technical references on topics related to materials properties, performance, processing, and evaluation.

ASM Handbooks Online

ASM’s best known publication is the ASM Handbook series. What started with a single loose-leaf volume in 1924 has grown to a current collection of more than 40 volumes providing authoritative data and information on the properties, processing, and applications of metals and nonmetallic engineering materials. The program is overseen by the ASM Handbook Committee, with a volunteer membership made up of materials professionals from industry, research, and academia. Handbooks are planned and written by volunteer groups organized by the Handbook Committee. 

ASM Desk Editions Online

The ASM Desk Editions provide concise engineering reference information and data on commercially relevant materials and their use. The two volumes cover metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites, providing basic property data and manufacturing insights for each material as well as practical information on materials selection, processing, testing, and characterization. Access to the full content of the ASM Desk Editions Online™ is provided as a free benefit to all ASM International members.

ASM Technical Books

ASM publishes a broad range of Technical Books, which provide in-depth and tutorial treatment of topics related to materials selection, processing, analysis, and performance. ASM’s Technical Books are usually written by individual authors or small groups of coauthors. The program is overseen by the ASM Technical Books Committee, which identifies opportunities for new and updated books and helps screen and select new titles for publication.

ASM Failure Analysis Database

The ASM Failure Analysis Database was developed by ASM and the affiliated Failure Analysis Society to serve as a comprehensive resource for failure analysts, materials engineers, and product designers who need to investigate, analyze, remediate, and prevent component failures. 

How to Contribute

Experts on topics that fall into the general scope of ASM’s publishing programs are encouraged to propose topics or updates for ASM Handbook articles or ideas for new Technical Books. Please contact Other comments and questions about ASM books can be sent to the same email address.

Access Options

A variety of options are available for accessing content in the ASM Digital Library:

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