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Materials for Medical Devices

Edited by
Roger J. Narayan
Roger J. Narayan
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Medical Implant Materials



Porous coatings are used in the field of joint replacement, particularly in cementless total hip/knee arthroplasty. This article reviews the offerings and biomaterial properties in orthopedic surgery for the contemporary class of highly porous metals. It describes the traditional porous metal/coating having an open-cell structure, high porosity, and a microsctructure resembling that of cancellous bone. The traditional porous metal/coating includes fiber-metal mesh, cobalt-chromium (CoCr) beads, cancellous-structured titanium, and plasma spray. The article discusses other porous metal/coating due to the limitations of traditional porous metals for numerous open-cell-structured metals, such as titanium-base foams and trabecular metal.


This article focuses on the specific aspects of nitinol that are of interest to medical device designers. It describes the physical metallurgy, physical properties, and tensile properties of the nitinol. The article discusses the factors influencing superelastic shape memory effects, fatigue, and corrosion in medical device design. It reviews the biocompatibility of nitinol based on corrosion behavior. The article describes the general principles, potential pitfalls, and key properties for manufacturing, heat treatment, and processing of nitinol.

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2012. "Medical Implant Materials", Materials for Medical Devices, Roger J. Narayan

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