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ASM Handbook

Metalworking: Sheet Forming

Edited by
S.L. Semiatin
S.L. Semiatin
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Blanking of Low-Carbon Steel

Page range:
144 - 157
Publication history
August 09, 2006


This article discusses the production of blanks from low-carbon steel sheet and strip in dies in a mechanical or hydraulic press. It describes the cutting operations that are done by dies in presses to produce blanks. The applications of blanking methods are described with examples. The article reviews the characteristics of blanked edges and explains how to calculate the forces and the work involved in blanking. Factors affecting the processing of blanks are discussed. The article provides information on the selection of work metal form, the effect of work metal thickness on the selection of material for dies and related components, as well as the selection of die type and design. The article illustrates the construction and use of short-run dies and conventional dies. It concludes with information on the shaving and deburring methods for blanking.

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2006. "Blanking of Low-Carbon Steel", Metalworking: Sheet Forming, S.L. Semiatin

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