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Protective Organic Coatings

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Kenneth B. Tator
Kenneth B. Tator
KTA-Tator, Inc.
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Powder Coatings—Other Industries

Denis Grimshaw
Denis Grimshaw
Jotun Powder Coatings
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168 - 176
Publication history
December 26, 2014


Powder coatings are widely used by manufacturers as a finish of choice to enhance the appearance and performance of their products. This article begins with a discussion on advantages and disadvantages of powder coatings. It describes the selection of coating-types and uses of powder coatings in appliance industries, furniture industries, computer industries, fixture industries, architectural industries, automotive industries, agriculture and construction equipment industries, recreational equipment industries, and general industries. Powder coating formulations consist of binder systems, pigments, extenders, and additives. The basic process flow for the manufacture of powder coatings consists of premix, extrusion, grinding, and packing. The article also provides information on application of powder coatings, including pretreatment, deposition, and curing as well as on troubleshooting, trends and challenges for the powder coatings.

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Denis Grimshaw, 2015. "Powder Coatings—Other Industries", Protective Organic Coatings, Kenneth B. Tator

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