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Protective Organic Coatings

Edited by
Kenneth B. Tator
Kenneth B. Tator
KTA-Tator, Inc.
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Polymeric Floor Coatings

Frederick Gelfant
Frederick Gelfant
The Stonhard Group
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139 - 151
Publication history
December 26, 2014


Polymeric floor coatings refer to flooring materials composed of multicomponent thermoset resins formulated with various fillers and pigments that are installed in situ, usually over concrete substrates. Polymeric flooring systems, specified for all industrial and commercial environments, use a variety of polymer chemistries and are constructed in a variety of methods and designs. This article provides a description of the service conditions for the polymeric flooring systems. It provides information on polymeric flooring systems, including thin-film coatings, self-leveling systems, membrane systems, broadcast systems, troweled systems, and terrazzo. The article also focuses on properties, applications, testing, and factors and requirements to be considered during the installation of polymeric floor coatings. It concludes with a discussion about coating failures, including bonding, cracking, chemical attack, and moisture that affect the polymeric floor coatings on concrete.

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Frederick Gelfant, 2015. "Polymeric Floor Coatings", Protective Organic Coatings, Kenneth B. Tator

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