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ASM Handbook

Thermal Spray Technology

Edited by
Robert C. Tucker, Jr.
Robert C. Tucker, Jr.
The Tucker Group
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Book Chapter

Automotive Coatings and Applications

Noritaka Miyamoto
Noritaka Miyamoto
Toyota Motor Corporation
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298 - 305
Publication history
March 12, 2013


This article describes the benefits that can be achieved by using thermal spray on particular engine parts of an automobile. These include improvement in fuel consumption, wear resistance and bonding, and reduction of oil consumption, exhaust heat loss, and cooling heat loss. Typical engine parts are cylinder blocks, cylinder bores, cast iron cylinder liners, piston rings, connecting rod bearings, turbochargers, engine valve lifters, exhaust system parts, and oxygen sensors. The article also describes the benefits of using thermal spray on transmission parts such as synchronizer rings and torque converters.

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Noritaka Miyamoto, 2013. "Automotive Coatings and Applications", Thermal Spray Technology, Robert C. Tucker, Jr.

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