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Aluminum: Technology, Industry, and Applications provides an overview of the processes, practices, and trends associated with the use of aluminum as an engineering material. The book is for anyone working in or serving the aluminum industry and those who have interest in its past, present, and future. It includes chapters on mining and smelting, ingot and continuous casting, shape casting, hot and cold rolling, extrusion and drawing, forging, and secondary operations.

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David Rosen, Ph.D., is a Principal Research Scientist at the Institute for High Performance Computing and the Singapore Institute for Manufacturing Technology, both A*STAR institutes in Singapore. He is a Co-Division Editor of ASM Handbook, Volume 24A: Additive Manufacturing Design and Applications, and a contributing author of ASM Handbook, Volume 24: Additive Manufacturing Processes.

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Sixteen Digital First articles are now available for the upcoming ASM Handbook, Volume 24A: Additive Manufacturing Design and Applications. Volume 24A (slated for a full release later this year) is a companion to ASM Handbook, Volume 24: Additive Manufacturing Processes.  

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