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ASM Handbooks

Authoritative materials information, contributed by experts

Practical guides and reference resources on a wide variety of materials and processes

ASM Failure Analysis Database

Real-world failure case histories with analysis methods and prevention strategies


Phase Diagrams: Key Topics in Materials Science and Engineering provides an introduction to alloy phase diagrams and their use. It identifies points, lines, and regions of interest on a typical binary phase diagram and explains how they reveal the alloy phases present at different temperatures and compositions.

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View the new, upcoming, and best-selling resources in ASM Handbooks, technical books, and databases in the 2023 Catalog.

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Mr. Craig Schroeder, P.E. is a Principal Materials Engineer at EFI Global, a consulting firm that specializes in subrogation and litigation work in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of materials science and engineering as a process engineer, forging engineer, and failure analyst. Mr. Schroeder is currently serving as a Volume Editor for the upcoming revision ASM Handbook, Volume 12: Fractography.

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The new ASM Handbook, Volume 24A: Additive Manufacturing Design and Applications provides a comprehensive review of additive manufacturing design fundamentals and applications. The primary focus of the Volume is on metallic systems with limited emphasis on polymers and ceramics where applicable. Full Volume now available!

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