This paper presents RAFAKO S.A. experience within the field of research and implementation of new group of creep-resistant steel grades with addition of tungsten, including the selection of filler metal, welding procedures and selected results of mechanical properties testing carried out during the implementation of welding process for elements of steam superheaters of the boilers with supercritical parameters. It summarizes the experience and results of research works carried out in RAFAKO, Silesian Technical University in Katowice and Welding Institute in Gliwice within the framework of COST 522 program concerning the influence of simulation of element temperature operating conditions on Chaгpy V notch toughness, HV10 hardness, microstructure of simulated HAZ's, assessment of steel weldability, strength properties. The welded joints structure stability and HAZ after stress relief annealing and after ageing - simulation of element operating conditions are presented in the form of graphs and prints of microstructures.

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