Investigations on welded joints made from a modified parent material and welding consumables are described. Tubes and pipes with typical dimensions have been welded using different welding processes and consumables (GTAW, SAW, SMAW, modified filler metals). The influence of melting loss and chemical composition of the consumables on the weld performance was studied. Short-term tensile and long-term creep tests on cross weld specimens were carried out in order to evaluate strength. The results obtained so far show that the properties of the welded joints are rather optimistic, it could be assumed that the modified Alloy 617 and the welding consumables used will meet the requirements for use in a plant operated at ultra critical steam conditions with live steam temperatures up to 720°C and pressure up to 300 bar. This allows for first practical applications in test loops of plants. These applications including the Welding Procedure Qualifications are described.

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