The small punch (SP) test technique can generate tensile, toughness, and creep strength data from very small specimens, enabling nondestructive sampling from large components. This has accelerated industry interest in SP, particularly in the energy sector. A round-robin for the SP creep test was organized within the EPERC network on a 1CrMoV rotor steel, primarily to contribute to harmonizing the test procedure for this emerging method. This presentation analyzes the SP creep test results performed at several temperatures and one load level to assess their inter-comparability and interpret the results concerning conventional uniaxial creep tests. The SP loading geometry appeared to be a key parameter in evaluating the SP results, particularly for correlation with uniaxial creep behavior. A standardization initiative for the SP test method, including creep as well as low-temperature testing for determining tensile and toughness properties of metallic materials, has recently started via a CEN Workshop.

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