Improving power plant efficiency through supercritical steam pressures and very high steam temperatures up to 700°C and beyond is an effective approach to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. However, these extreme steam temperatures necessitate the use of nickel-base alloys in the high-pressure/intermediate-pressure turbine sections requiring very large component sections that cannot be met by steels. Saarschmiede, involved in manufacturing large components for the power generation industry and research programs on advanced 9-12% chromium steels, has extensive experience producing nickel and cobalt-base alloy forgings for applications like aircraft engines, aerospace, land-based gas turbines, and offshore. This paper reports on the manufacturing and testing of large-section forgings made from candidate nickel-base alloys like 617 and 625 for high-pressure/intermediate-pressure turbine components in power stations operating at 700°C and higher steam temperatures.

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