Natural gas has long been regarded as the primary energy source for advanced power systems because of its cleanliness and highly efficient nature. Nevertheless, coal is gaining attention again as a stable energy source for power generation. In this paper, high efficiency pulverized coal power plant technology, especially materials and the design for high temperature turbine systems, is discussed. The development of materials has contributed to the high efficiency plant development, so far. The development of 12% Cr steel was key in building the state-of-the-art 600-deg C class steam turbine system. It is believed that a 700-deg C class steam turbine system will be realized with Ni-based super alloys and austenitic steels. In the near future, the system with a 700-deg C reheat temperature and 630-deg C main steam temperature is promising for the pulverized coal power plant because of the need for only moderate development work, low capital expenditure, and its high efficiency.

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