This paper describes the steam oxidation behavior of two 18Cr-8Ni austenitic fine-grained stainless steels, TP347HFG and SUPER304H, which have been developed for ultra-supercritical (USC) boilers. A field exposure test was conducted by installing these tubes, along with comparative materials, in the tertiary superheater of a utility power boiler. After periodic service, the fine-grained tubes were removed to examine their steam oxidation behavior. Examination of the steam oxidation scale on the inner surface of the tubes indicated an extremely low scale growth rate for the fine-grained steels, even after 10 years of service. The oxidation structure is discussed and compared with conventional materials, TP321H and TP347H. Accelerated steam oxidation tests were conducted using an oxidation test with saturated dissolved oxygen concentration. The combination of fine-grained steel and a shot-peening layer exhibits high steam oxidation resistance at 700°C or higher temperatures.

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