Trials have been performed to study the enhancement of the high temperature strength of alloy 617 by utilizing the solid solution strengthening effects of tungsten additions in the amounts of 3.30 weight % and 5.61 weight %. It could be successfully demonstrated that with the 5.61 wt.% tungsten addition, the resultant mechanical high temperature properties in the range of 700 to 750 °C were far superior to standard alloy 617. Also with regard to the oxidation resistance behavior, tungsten alloyed alloy 617 exhibited superior behavior to tungsten free standard alloy 617. Only in the hot corrosion simulated tests, the tungsten containing alloys showed increasing disadvantage with increased tungsten content. However in the real world under actual service conditions, this is of lesser relevance because the gas turbine components are and could be protected by TBC (thermal barrier coatings) and/or MCrAlY coatings. This paper describes the results of these developments. Very recent data generated on the aging response indicates drastic loss in impact values on the tungsten modified alloys after aging at 3000 hours and 5000 hours at 700°C and 750°C.

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