A new 18Cr-9Ni-Nb-V-W-N-low C austenitic boiler tube (XA704) has been developed. Conventional high-strength austenitic stainless steel boiler tubes usually have high susceptibility to intergranular corrosion because of their high carbon content, and require special care for heated sections such as weld joints. Generally, when the carbon content decreases, the intergranular corrosion resistance improves, while the creep strength reduces. However, the creep strength of the developed steel is very high despite lower carbon content in comparison to conventional austenitic boiler tubes. The high temperature strength and the intergranular corrosion resistance of the steel are superior to those of conventional 18Cr steels such as TP347H. This excellent creep strength of XA704 is mainly due to precipitation strengthening by CrVN, and solid solution strengthening by tungsten and nitrogen. Matching welding consumables for the developed steel have also been developed. Thus, newly developed XA704 is a promising material for superheater and reheater tubes for the “600°C generation” of USC boilers. XA704 has already been used in six power plants in Japan. Currently, the steel is being standardized in the ASME Code.

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