Components in ultrasupercritical steam (USC) boilers will operate under significantly more severe conditions than current subcritical and supercritical steam boilers. Existing construction rules for power boilers lack design guidance or criteria to assess the adequacy of designs for USC conditions. A Department of Energy (DOE) project addresses this by evaluating advanced materials under conditions similar to potential USC service environments. The project focuses on six tubing alloys and four thick-section alloys. Testing is underway for pressurized tube bends, notched thick-section bars, fatigue, and thermal shock on thick-section tubing made of materials like CCA617, Alloy 230, and Alloy 740. Further testing is planned for pressurized tubes, dissimilar metal welds, and thick-section weldments. This paper summarizes the status of this initial testing program aimed at enabling USC boiler material qualification.

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