This paper explores the low cycle fatigue (LCF) and creep-fatigue properties of a hot-forged, normalized, and tempered 9Cr-1Mo ferritic steel. This steel offers good performance in high-temperature applications (up to 873K) in power plants and reactors. The steel was forged into 70 mm diameter rods and then heat-treated with normalizing (1313K for 1 hour, air cooling) and tempering (1033K for 1 hour, air cooling). LCF tests were conducted at 300-873K with varying strain amplitudes and strain rates to understand the influence of both factors. Additionally, some specimens were aged at different temperatures for 10,000 hours before testing. Finally, creep-fatigue interaction tests were performed at 823K and 873K using tensile hold times ranging from 1 to 30 minutes.

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