Effects of Ni content and heat treatment condition on impact toughness and creep strength of precipitation strengthened 15Cr ferritic steels were investigated in order to discuss a possibility of improvement in both mechanical properties. Both creep strength and impact toughness of the developing steels were improved drastically by solid solution treatment with water quenching. However, an addition of Ni reduced the long-term creep strength of the steels, though Ni was effective in improvement in impact toughness. It was found that water quenching suppressed formation of coarse block type particles and precipitate free zones around them, and precipitation of plate type fine particles and thermal stability of them within ferrite phase were promoted by solid solution treatment with water quenching. However, martensite phase with sparsely distributed coarse block type particles were formed in the Ni added steels, and such microstructure reduced the precipitation strengthening effect slightly. On the other hand, increase in impact values of the steel indicated no relation to volume fraction of martensite phase. It was supposed that the impact toughness of ferrite phase itself was improved by solid solution treatment and addition of Ni.

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