The Institute of Materials Science, Welding and Forming (IWS) conducts research activities on ferritic/martensitic 9-12% Cr steels through an interconnected network of projects. These projects focus on mechanical properties of base and weld metals, microstructural characterization of creep and damage kinetics, weldability, microstructure analysis during creep, modeling of precipitation and coarsening kinetics, and deformation behavior under creep loading. The individual projects are briefly described, outlining the conceptual approach towards quantitatively describing the creep behavior of 9-12% Cr steels. The research efforts aim to comprehensively understand and model the creep performance of these advanced steel grades by investigating their microstructural evolution, damage mechanisms, precipitation kinetics, and deformation characteristics under creep conditions. The integrated projects examine both base metals and welded joints, providing insights into material properties, weldability, and microstructure-property relationships critical for their application in high-temperature components.

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