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Alloy Digest (1979) 28 (12): Cu-385.
Published: 01 December 1979
... ANACONDA Alloy (E) 505 is a low-tin phosphor bronze with excellent resistance to corrosion, excellent ductility and good resistance to fatigue. It has good thermal and electrical conductivity. Its uses include flexible metal hose, electrical contacts, fuse clips and fasteners. This datasheet...
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Alloy Digest (1974) 23 (9): Cu-285.
Published: 01 September 1974
... ASTM B508 for copper-alloy strip for flexible metal hose) Grain Size. mm Nolllinal hlinimum Maximum 0.050 0.035 0.090 0.035 0.025 0.050 0.03 0.0 I5 0.035 0.015 * 0.015 *Allhougl~ no minimum grain size is required. tllis material must be fully recrystallized. - - 32000 - DOI: 10.31399/asm.ad.cu0285...
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Alloy Digest (1969) 18 (7): Cu-202.
Published: 01 July 1969
... for soft soldering and silver brazing. Gas shielded arc welding is very good. Coated metal-arc welding is not recommended. Seam resistance welding is also not recommended. Ornamental metal work, medallions, spandrels. battery caps. bellows, musical instruments. clock dials. flesible hose. tokens...
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Alloy Digest (1984) 33 (10): Cu-485.
Published: 01 October 1984
... fuse clips hardness heat treatability hoses joinability machinability physical properties tensile properties workability UNS C19200 Copper Alloy No. Cl9200 DIGEST - DATA ON WORLD WIDE METALS AND ALLOYS @ Copyright 1980. Engineering Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. ISSN: 002-614X...
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Alloy Digest (1978) 27 (9): Cu-360.
Published: 01 September 1978
... OLIN Alloy 194 was developed to provide a low-cost, high-conductivity, high-strength alloyed copper. It meets these requirements in many and varied applications. Typical uses are electrical terminals and contacts, electrical switches, eyelets and flexible hose. This datasheet provides information...
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Alloy Digest (2009) 58 (4): Cu-769.
Published: 01 April 2009
.... Mechanical and hydraulic equipment: hose connectors, mechanical seals, thrust pads, gears Manufacturing industry: plastics molding dies, resistance welding electrodes Producer: Advanced Metal Internationals Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8QB U.K. Tel: +44 (0) 01767 604 710 Fax: +44 (0) 01767 315 340...
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Alloy Digest (2008) 57 (9): Ni-665.
Published: 01 September 2008
.... This datasheet provides information on composition. It also includes information on heat treating, surface treatment, and powder metal forms. Filing Code: Ni-665. Producer or source: Wall Colmonoy Corporation. Producer or Source: Wall Colmonoy Corporation Copyright © ASM International® 2008 2008...
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Alloy Digest (1987) 36 (1): Fe-75.
Published: 01 January 1987
... Code: Fe-75. Producer or source: Connecticut Metals Incorporated. Producer or Source: Connecticut Metals Incorporated Copyright © ASM International® 1996 1996 ASM International chemical composition chucks CMI-C MAGNETIC IRON corrosion-resistant alloys elasticity electromagnet cores...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1976) 25 (4): Cu-311.
Published: 01 April 1976
... Copper Alloy No. 370 is a medium-leaded brass (formerly known as Free-Cutting Muntz metal) with good machinability. It is suitable for high-speed screw machine work and is used for a wide variety of products such as gears, nuts and washers. This datasheet provides information on composition...
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Alloy Digest (2009) 58 (8): Cu-773.
Published: 01 August 2009
... inherent color, it also has become extremely popular as an outdoor metal and has found for itself a very important place in modern architecture. An endless variety of shapes can be obtained by shape-drawing, brake-forming, and shape-rolling processes. For tube, typical uses are flexible metal hose...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1975) 24 (4): Cu-296.
Published: 01 April 1975
... limitations, they should not be used for specification pur- poses. tElongation in 10 inches. itElongation in 60 inches. 58 - 18 32000 60 - 20 33000 65 - - 34000 - 67 64 36000 - 76 65 40000 - 7869 - - 8174 - - 83 76 - Table 2 - GRAIN SIZE REQUIREMENTS FOR STRIP FOR FLEXIBLE METAL HOSE (As specified in ASTM B...
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Alloy Digest (1960) 9 (6): Cu-89.
Published: 01 June 1960
... yellow color and is used a great deal for ornamental and architectural work, bellows and flexible hose. Forms Available: Sheet, strip, rod and bar. Applications: Jewelry, thermostat bellows, deep drawn articles, oma- mental metal work, medallions, s clock dials, musical instruments, Lxl andrels, battery...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1983) 32 (3): Cu-455.
Published: 01 March 1983
... of applications: commercial water pipe, architectural purposes, flexible metal hose, electrical conduit, pump liners and paper rolls. As small tubes, the alloy is used for cable grips, connectors and, generally, devices which require small tubes such as pens, mechanical pencils, automotive aerials...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1998) 47 (8): Cu-621.
Published: 01 August 1998
.... identical to pure copper. Applications: Q+pieal Uses Cl7200 is used in parts that are subject to severe forming conditions but require high strength. anelasticity. and fatigue atui creep mistace (a wide variety of sptings, flexible metal hose. Bourdon tub- ing. beuows. clips washers, remitting rings); in...
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Alloy Digest (1980) 29 (5): Cu-394.
Published: 01 May 1980
...- drawn and age-hardened wires. Forms Available: Bar, rod, wire, strip and other flat products, tube and shapes. Applications: Springs of many types, flexible metal hose, Bourdon tubing, bellows, fuse clips, washers, retaining rings, navigational instru- ments, nonsparking safety tools. firing pins...
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Alloy Digest (1965) 14 (2): Cu-148.
Published: 01 February 1965
...-resistant alloys elasticity hardness heat treatability joinability machinability physical properties tensile properties workability Filing Code: Cu-148 1 Copper Alloy 07 BOHNOLLOY R-57 FEBRUARY 1965 D3CwTd -DATA ON WORLD WIDE METALS AND ALLOYS BOHNOLLOY R-57 (Manganese Bronze) Bohnolloy R-57 is a...
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Alloy Digest (2003) 52 (8): Cu-708.
Published: 01 August 2003
... a 0.045 mm initial grain size and a cold reduction of 50%. Weldability: Soldering and brazing give excellent results. Oxyfuel gas and resistance spot and resistance butt welding give good results, and gas metal arc welding yields fair results. Other welding process- es are not recommended. Corrosion...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1959) 8 (9): Cu-80.
Published: 01 September 1959
... WORLD WIDE METALS AND ALLOYS - PnbLisbed by Engineering Alloys Digesr, Inc. Upper Montclair, New Jersey LOW BRASS, 80% (Copper-Zinc Alloy) LOW BRASS, 80% is a copper-zinc alloy, having high ductility and malleability combined with good corrosion resistance and relative freedom from season cracking...
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Alloy Digest (1995) 44 (5): Cu-600.
Published: 01 May 1995
... MAY 1995 DATA ON WORLD WIDE METALS AND ALLOYS CARLSON ALLOY 90 10 Cu Ni (Copper Nickel Alloy) 90-10 &pro-nickel is a highly ductile, malleable and corrosion resisting alloy, suitable for water applications. The alloy has approximately 1.4% iron to improve its &stance to sea water. It has good...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1989) 38 (12): Cp-4.
Published: 01 December 1989
... -DIGEST DECEMBER 1999 - DATA ON WORLD WIDE METALS AND ALLOYS Pubfhhdby: Akay Dig&. lnc I201-677.9161 27CafdieldSt1mt.Or~ge. N.J.07050IU.S.A. GRILON PW15H (15% Glass-Fiber Reinforced Grade) GRILON PV-15H is a 15% glass-fiber reinforced grade offering intermediate rigidity and strength characteristics...